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WO03/041400 A1 | PCT/DE02/04136 | EP 1 449 356 B1 | DE 101 55 005 C 1 DGM 201 18 501.6

The Orbiter 270 stadium p 6.0 is the portable version of the fixed Orbiter 270 stadium and as well the most compact camera seat on the market with the best ratio between space consumption and impact on sightlines. It allows camera operators to work in tight spaces in any kind of venue without obstructing spectator sightlines.
This Orbiter model has been designed to allow fixing it temporarily in venues without any modifications such as drilling holes into concrete. This is achieved by an adapter baseplate which is equipped with a special mount that connects the entire unit to the building as safe as a fixed unit. This specific characteristic allows to apply this Orbiter in multifunktional venues where it must be removed and replaced depending on different events. Same time this model can be rented for tournaments, where a solution is needed at difficult camera positions mostly under restricted space conditions in the stands.

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Camera and operator occupy an extremely low working position, eliminating the "dead angle" for nearby spectators and can be perfectly integrated into the auditorium. Up to 60 spectators can easily be accommodated behind a camera supported by the Orbiter 270 stadium p, enjoying an unimpeded view, a modest innovation that quickly reaps rewards, as it is an economic swing seat which was designed to match the needs of those customers, looking for a cost efficient solution.


The Orbiter 270 stadium p facilitates rock solid stabilisation - combined with mobility, 270° panning, smooth, steady and noiseless operation and accommodates all tripod heads, helping to capture great shots while working in difficult locations with ease and comfort.

The Orbiter 270 stadium p enables broadcasters to use the latest multimedia techniques for presenting the action on the field or stage, and ideally equips your venue for the future. The Orbiter allows independent movement of camera and seat, along the same axis. There are two remarkable and patented features of this system, contrary to other systems, the seat of the Orbiter is not directly connected to the camera column. Hence no shock motions are transmitted from the operator to the camera as the camera column is not loaded with the operator`s weight. The unlinked rotation along the same axis also avoids unwanted movement of the camera when moving the seat.

This model comes with a sealed high precision bearing facilitating smooth, steady and noiseless operation and accommodates all tripod heads. It allows perfect panning coming close to the characteristics of fluid heads and  trouble-free panning over 270°. Comprehensive testing proved high durability even under extreme conditions in terms of temperature and mechanical impact. Maintenance is reduced to almost zero.

  • Can be mounted temporarily without modifications to the building
  • 270° panning independent of the seat
  • Very low working position
  • Significantly minimises impact on sightlines
  • Rock solid stabilisation & steady shots
  • High grade sealed precision bearing
  • Adjustable friction
  • Contiunously adjustable seat
  • Effortless noiseless easy operation
  • Rigid compact modular upgradable design
  • Low maintenance noncorrosive
  • Accommodates all tripod heads
  • 1 year warranty

  • Seat adjustable in hight
  • Installation on site
  • Camera risers
  • Customisation
  • Rentals

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Technical Data

Technical Specifications


Min. height of headplate

  20 cm
160 cm
130 cm

Load capacity
Bearing load dynamic
80 + kg
600 kg
1500 kg
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Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
Red Bull Leipzig Red Bull Leipzig
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